Monday, April 8, 2013

Printing On Fabric Book Giveaway

The other day I got a book in the mail from Lark Crafts called PRINTING ON FABRIC by the textile print designer Jen Swearington to review.

After reading through this book that explains everything you would want to know about making your own screens and inks, I contacted Lark Crafts to see if they would offer up another copy for a giveaway here on Sew Country Chick and they agreed to!

 This is one book that I am going to USE and I know that if you are interested in learning about making your own printed projects, and hand printed yardage, you will want a copy of this book, too. It's like a complete course on everything you need to know about make your own stencils, silk screens, and the techniques you need to know about to print out your designs successfully.

Screen printing has gotten a lot more user friendly since my mom was in business back in the early 1980's!
The book is laid out in seven parts:
Part one is an intro that will expain to you the basics of screen printing:
 What to print, color basics, how to mix your inks, and the different surfaces with which you can make screen stencils.
Part two Teaches you how to set up your studio; 
how to tape a screen, making a t shirt insert, building a print board or table and how to pin fabric down properly.
  Part three explains how to make low tech prints:
how to make stencils from contact paper, freezer paper, acetate, drawing fluid, screen filler, paraffin wax and found objects. This is where I am going to start when I make my first screen.
  Part four explains how to make more detailed screens:
the type of screens that are exposed like a photograph. these were the types of screens my mom used to make. You have to learn how to use exposing chemicals and agents but surprising, it doesn't seem as complicated as I thought it would be.
Part five explains screen placement and pattern repeats.
You will need to know this if you want to make hand printed yardage in the future when you have got this screen printing thing down.
Part six goes beyond using only ink for screens; 
handling dyes, using thickened dyes and bleach, immersion dying, and steam setting.
Part seven shares instructions for fourteen projects you can make;
it includes templates that you can use to make  a bicycle tote, a ferris whell skirt, baby onesies, Ogee curtains and more.
 Sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it? If you would like to enter the giveaway fill out my Rafflecopter form below..
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway

It's been a little while since I checked out Shabby Apple's dresses and I was impressed by their new line of vintage style dresses for spring!
Here are some adorable dresses from their spring line.
I love the emerald green with stripes.
I don't always have enough time to sew up something cute for myself, between taking care of my four kids, my house, being cook, chauffer, and my husband's girlfriend. Something has to give once in awhile . So I give myself a break and buy myself a dress or something.
This blue dress has such a pretty forties look.
No it's not a trip to Paris but a new dress is always a little pick me up isn't it?
Pastels are so pretty and on trend this spring.
Now how would yu like to enter a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar give certificate to Shabby Apple vintage dress line?

(sorry this giveaway is only for those based in the US)
This giveaway closes Saturday April 3, 8 PM PST

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